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Embassy Dar Es Salaam
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Public Health Specialist - LABORATORY ADVISOR (All interested candidates)
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07/03/2018 - 07/17/2018 Format MM/DD/YYYY
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LE - 0550 12
TZS TSh97,423,331 - TZS TSh97,423,331
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Full-time - .
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Dar Es Salaam, TZ
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HR Section


Who May Apply/Clarification From the Agency:

All Interested Applicants / All Sources

Security Clearance Required:
Public Trust - Background Investigation
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We encourage you to read and understand the Eight (8) Qualities of Overseas Employees before you apply.


The U.S. Mission in Dar es Salaam is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the position of Public Health Specialist - Laboratory Advisor at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR).

Basic Function of Position: Job holder serves as a senior scientific and technical advisor to agency officials, Ministry of Health, Tanzania Peoples Defense Forces (TPDF), implementing partners and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the planning and strengthening of laboratory programs and activities. Responsibilities include program development, monitoring, reporting and close collaboration with partners to ensure that all research and analysis in laboratories are carried out in accordance with program objectives and internationally recognized best practices. Partners include other agencies, Tanzanian Government (GOT), NGOs involved in HIV Management in Tanzania.

Supervisory Position:
Relocation Expenses Reimbursed:
Travel Required:
50% or less

upcountry travel - within Tanzania


Major duties - Part 1

I. Program Management & Technical Assistance 60%

Incumbent serves as principal coordinator for laboratory systems and services within Tanzania and is responsible for planning and implementation of capacity building of all laboratories to ensure consistency of results. In general, reviews individual laboratory procedures, weighing against accepted protocols and develops programs to ensure consistency. Participates in developing major initiatives including the country program plan and planning of all cooperative agreements that require research and diagnosis of HIV/AIDS, STD, AI, TB, malaria and emerging diseases in laboratories throughout Tanzania.

Jobholder provides technical evaluation of all proposals for laboratory capacity building projects of partners, ensuring that protocols are being followed appropriately and recommends amendments/approval to supervisor. The annual budget for external laboratory programs in Tanzania in fiscal year FY 2013 is $2 million. Incumbent is responsible for planning and drafting the laboratory portion of the Country Operational Plan (COP) each year and working with Counseling & Testing, Care and Treatment, Prevention and Strategic Information colleagues to ensure that programs are working together to complement support and capacity building.

Incumbent provides guidance and direction to grantees, program collaborators and contractors on management and implementation of activities to be consistent with USG and international policies and guidance.

Jobholder collaborates with Tanzanian government Ministry of Health, TPDF, international organizations and non-governmental organizations on their activities to make sure programs are being carried out as designed. In building laboratory capacity, collaborates with Tanzanian senior scientists on the design of new public health laboratory diagnostic approaches that are based on latest research findings. Works closely with staff of Tanzanian Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defense and cooperating partners to ensure that tasks are carried out correctly and in a timely manner. Recommends procedural modifications as warranted to align with investigative protocols. Assesses national referral and regional laboratory capacity to support surveillance and diagnostics for HIV/AIDS and HIV-related risk behaviors, STI, TB, malaria and other opportunistic infections (OIs) as well as international emerging infections. Develops strategies to strengthen capacities and capabilities based on assessment findings. Introduces new diagnostic technology as it becomes available. Develops training plans and arranges for competent instructors to provide training for personnel at laboratories for which responsible.

Plans, oversees and coordinates contracts, grants, cooperative agreements with the Tanzanian government for activities in areas of laboratory diagnostics, including the establishment and maintenance of a national quality assurance system. Institutes Quality Assurance (QA) programs, including internal and external quality control standards. Works with Tanzanian government to support accreditation process of laboratories that have been targeted for that process.

Develops standards to enhance capacities of regional and referral hospital laboratories and to support surveillance for HIV/AIDS, STD, AI, TB, malaria and emerging diseases. Standardizes testing protocols for diagnostics and surveillance. Develops and updates national guidelines for laboratory systems at all levels of operation. Designs safety and anti-contamination strategies according to international standards.

Prepares technical papers that report on laboratory assessments and operational research studies for presentations at national and international meetings on improving laboratory capacity throughout the country.


Qualifications and Evaluations


Level IV (Fluent) speaking/reading/writing) in English and Kiswahili is required.

Education Requirements:

Master's degree in Health Laboratory Sciences is required.


Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


A minimum of five years of experience in public health laboratory procedures and systems with additional two years of managerial experience is required.

Benefits and Other Info


The U.S. Mission in Dar es Salaam offers compensation package that may include health, separation, and other benefits.

Other Information:

Major duties - Part 2

II. Management 25%
Promotes the standardization of lab equipment and maintenance assistance and provides technical specifications for procurement of essential laboratory equipment and supplies.
Provides technical assistance on the architectural, structural, security and biohazard design aspects of on-going work related to laboratory renovation and establishment of new laboratories.
Ensures proper budgeting of all national referral and regional laboratory activities supported by grants, partnerships and cooperative agreements. Ensures validity of data and authorizes entry in appropriate database.
Facilitates procurement of equipment and supplies through agency channels to enhance laboratories operating within the country. Provides guidance to laboratories requisitioning equipment and supplies on the international market. Works within Tanzania to develop forecasting capacity for laboratory commodities.

Serves as project officer and main point of contact for Laboratory branch cooperative agreements and contracts. Once contracts, grants or cooperative agreement is in place, oversees performance of cooperating partners/contractors, carries out technical reviews, reviews progress, identifies potential issues and informs supervisor, recommending actions for amelioration. Cooperative agreements under the purview of jobholder total approximately $30 million per year.

III. Interagency Coordination 15%
As a regional and international expert on matters pertaining to testing and operations of a variety of laboratories located within Tanzania, job holder represents (WRAIR/Tanzania) at technical, policy and strategic planning meetings, including meetings with collaborators and donor agencies. Briefs agency officials on the results of such meetings and prepares written reports for submission to other interested parties.
Represents the agency in discussing and developing financial commitment proposals for laboratory programs at administrative and strategic planning meetings. This includes all USG implementing agencies (Departments of State, Defense, and including Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USAID, and Peace Corps).
Participates in internal and interagency technical working groups to ensure adherence to internationally accepted/directed standards for laboratories within Tanzania.

How to Apply

How to Apply:

To apply for this position, applicants MUST apply electronically via ERA. For more information visit this link https://tz.usembassy.gov/embassy/jobs/


Required Documents:

Please provide the required documentation listed below with your application:

  1. Current Resume

  2. Proof of Citizenship

  3. Master's degree

  4. Other certificates (if any)

Next Steps:

Applicants who are invited to take a language or skills test will be contacted via email.